Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How the Earth Was Made

Hulu.com currently has History Channel episodes of How the Earth Was Made:

San Andreas Fault
The Deepest Place on Earth
Loch Ness
New York
Driest Place on Earth
Great Lakes

Not sure how long they'll be online, but for now it's good spring break entertainment!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Friday 3/26 is the chapter 10, 13, 14 Test. Homework packet is due!!

Monday when we return: Have the 8.2 Study Guide done.

Have an excellent and safe spring break!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New York Times: Tigers

Fretting About the Last of the World's Biggest Cats
By Bill Marsh
Published March 6, 2010

Could this Chinese Year of the Tiger be the last one with actual tigers still afoot in the world's wild?

Blog Watch: Oldest Living Things in the World

This person doesn't post regularly, but the few posts are fascinating. She does a fair amount of traveling, relaying first-hand encounters of these oldest living things.

Week of March 22-26

  • 10.2 Notes
  • Predator-prey pursuit
  • DUE: 10.2, Predation Activity for periods 3-6
  • 10.3 Notes
  • Correct 10.2
  • EvoDots
  • DUE: 10.3, Predator-prey pursuit
  • Correct 10.4
  • Bird Beaks
  • DUE: Evidence of Evolution
  • Chapter 10, 13, 14 Test
  • DUE: Homework Packet

Monday, March 15, 2010

Trees are Awesome

World's 7 Most Amazing Trees.

Week of March 15-19

Cycling of Matter Activity - Due next time we meet
DUE: Study Guide 13.5, 13.6

Tuesday or Thursday:
In class:
Correct Energy in Ecosystems
Correct Cycling of Matter Activity
Start chapter 14
Predation Modeling
DUE: Abiotic Factors Lab Design (p.405)
DUE: Cycling of Matter Activity

In class:
Chapter 13 Quiz!
DUE: Study Guide 14.1, 14.2
DUE: Predation Modeling

DUE: Study Guide 14.4, 10.2

Monday, March 8, 2010

Biozine for Tuesday 3/9/10

Biozine: read article and one update article (see website suggested on the article)
  1. On a sheet of paper, write a couple of thoughtful sentences responding to the Biozine article. Support your point with a reference to one or both articles.
  2. Which secondary article did you read?
  3. Get this stamped when you're done!

Phenotype = Environment + Genotype

Sex-Changing Herbicide Makes Amphibians Sick, Too.

Given the conversations around this in 4th period, you might be interested in this!

Week of March 8-12

  • Finish presentations as needed
  • 13.1 Notes
  • "Random Sampling" Activity (blue paper)
  • 13.2 Notes
  • DUE: Study Guide 13.1, 13.2, Random Sampling Questions
  • 13.3 Notes
  • DUE: Study Guide 13.3
  • 13.4 Notes
  • DUE: Study Guide 13.4
  • Energy in Ecosystems Activity


Monday: DUE: Energy in Ecosystems Questions, Study Guide 13.5, 13.6