Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some of the Blogs I'm Reading

Atlanta Zoo - Giant Panda Updates
The pandas I'm always talking about, and the panda cam is up again!  The current panda cub (Xi Lan) is regularly lounging around (nap - flip - nap) for your lazy viewing pleasure.

Razib Khan offers his perspective on current genetic reseach.

An evolutionary biologist (currently on vacation, so now with guest writers) writing about genes, where they came from, where they're going.

An artist who is interested in origins of all kinds.  His art (and the art he blogs about) often has a scientific bent.  


MATT AZN said...

Better Panda exists here

Ms. Jones said...

(a) Have you SEEN their claws?

(b) Pandas are still bears. I'm not going to sit next to the easily accessible, wide bars next to the polar bear cage. (Luckily for most people, we don't have that easy of access to bears in zoos anyway)

(c) The range of a panda is between 3.9 sq km and 6.4 sq km and unless seeking a mate do not overlap with the territory of any other pandas. That guy is clearly encroaching on the panda territory!

MATT AZN said...