Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation Destinations + Connectivity

Extremophiles (or where NOT to spend summer vacation).


I attempted to post this directly from the site.  That way you see the blurb, a thumbnail image, and some fancy formatting that says "this is not just Ms. Jones posting homework."  That was fail, as it "could not contact blog" or similar, so I posted the old fashioned way.  It's ridiculous to call it the "old fashioned way" since that would actually be taking out an ad in a printed newpaper or posting it on the bulletin board at ye olde community center.  No, it's the copy-paste old fashioned of the last decade.  As opposed to the other ways offered from wired.com, which include:

Text, AIM, email, Digg, Yahoo! Buzz, Stumble, Facebook, Technorati, Newsvine, Furl, MySpace, Propeller, G Bookmarks, Blinklist, Delicious, Mixx, Live, Blogmarks, Stumbleupon, Xnga, Reddit, Y! Bookmarks, Blogger, WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Diigo, TypePad, Mr Wong, Oknotizie, Slashdot, BX, Current, Faves, Care2, Fark, Kirtsy, LiveJournal, N4G, Meneame, Orkut, Fresqui, Sphinn, Friendster, Yigg, Simpy, Dealspl.us, and Funp. 

Typing that was exhausting.  I'm going to go read my printed Wired.  There's an article about chickens and dinosaurs that looks interesting.  (online for a limited time).

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bulaw said...

At any rate, I liked some of the vadlo biology cartoons!