Friday, July 2, 2010

Jones Baby Arrived!

For those of you checking here:

Linnea Rose Johnson, born 6/29/10 - 8 lbs, 3 oz, 18 (3/4) inches, VERY cute in my totally unbiased opinion.

(Linneaus is found in Chapter 17 of the book, if you're keeping track)

Hope you're having a fabulous summer!

-Ms. Jones

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Seung said...

Ah, Carl Linnaeus (thanks Wikipedia)? It's a cool name and Linnaeus sounds perfect for a girl. I'm guessing nickname will be something like Lina or Linnae? Or Lins for short. Anyway, it must have been hard to keep that name a secret from anybody else :) Congratulations Ms. Jones. Have a great summer with your newly born Lina (hmmm newly born Lina? sounds like she reincarnated! oh well you get what I mean)!