Sunday, September 8, 2013

Current Event Sign Up for Sept. 13th

2nd Period Sign-up-ees: please comment with your current event information by Wednesday!


MrAjcompass said...

Mackenzie Minehan (Period 2) to present on 9/13/2013.
“How City Living is Reshaping the Brains and Behaviors of Urban Animals” by Brandon Kim at

Lauren Poulson said...

Lauren Poulson:
"Organic molecules found in Sutter's Mill meteorite, not previously found in any meteorites" - Author not listed, ScienceDaily, September 10, 2013 -

Shilpa Kumar said...

Shilpa Kumar (period 2)
Movement of Marine Life Follows Speed and Direction of Climate Change, Author not listed

Jasmine Vu said...

Jasmine Vu (Period 2) for 9/13/13
Anatomy Determines How Lizards Attract Partners and Repel Rivals, author not listed, ScienceDaily

Sabreena Rajan said...

Sabreenan (period 2)
Genetics of How and Why Fish Swim in Schools: Research Sheds Light On Complex Social Behavior