Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday: Rotifer Lab, Upcoming Dates

Today ends the current microscope-stravaganza with the Rotifer lab - a look into one teacher's bird bath water to see the wonders of microscopic animals. There is a short set of questions to answer along with this.

I have decided to push back the due date on the Cell Organelle Project to Monday, November 3rd. Before you throw a parade, understand the the upcoming due dates will look like this:

Monday, Oct. 27: Cell Diversity Lab Due (in lab book), Lab Quiz

Tuesday: Start Egg Lab

Wednesday, Oct 29: Rotifer Lab Questions Due

Thursday: Finish Egg Lab

Friday, Oct. 31: TYPED WASL write up of Egg Lab Due. This can be mostly complete before you take your final measurements on Thursday, and you will have had Thursday to work on the class computers.

Monday, Nov. 3: Cell Organelle Project Due

Tuesday Nov 4: Tentative Ch. 3 Test Date

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