Sunday, October 5, 2008

This Upcoming Week

I hope 5th and 6th period tests went well and all of you had an excellent and safe Friday and weekend.

Test Scores are already online for 1st, 2nd, 3rd periods. Tests will not be returned until all students have completed the test. Assessments are NOT ONLY FOR A GRADE. Assessments are for demonstrating what you know. Test-taking is a skill which many of you are still developing. Another thing to think about is that this class has a cumulative final. These are skills and content knowledge that you need to know now, and you need to know in January.

For this reason, portions of this test are available for test corrections. I will explain this further on the day tests are returned. You will have 1 week to complete corrections.

Tomorrow we are attending the THINK AGAIN program, put on by Eastside Fire & Rescue. The "Think Again" program addresses the issues of drinking and driving, lack of seatbelt use, alcohol poisoning, and reckless driving among young people. This presentation is explicit and graphic in nature. If you are not attending, it is important that your parent/guardian informs the school or myself ASAP.

Tuesday we will return to macromolecules. We will finish the worksheets, answer any questions, and you have a short quiz on what we have done so far.

Later in the week we will be completing a Properties of Water Lab Activity and be finishing up Chemistry of Life.

Tentatively plan on taking the Chapter 2 Test on Tuesday, October 14th.
  • Basic Chemistry (Atoms, Ions, Molecules)
  • Properties of Water
  • Carbon-Based Molecules
  • Chemical Reactions
SEPTEMBER NOTEBOOK CHECKS are due this week or next week, depending on which period you have biology:
  • First: Wed. 10/8
  • Second: Thurs. 10/9
  • Third: Mon. 10/13*
  • Fifth: Tues. 10/14*
  • Sixth: Wed. 10/15*
  • * Note that this may be altered - no notebooks will be due the day before the test.
This way I will be able to return the notebook to you the following day. HOWEVER, depending on your section, this may or may not fall before:

QUARTER 1 GRADES, which are due October 10th. If you absolutely positively want that to be included this quarter, you must have your Notebook to me no later than Tuesday after school. Similarly, Test Corrections may be done and turned in no later than Thursday 2:30pm to be included in Q1 Grades. If not everyone has completed the test, then you would have to come in and work on the corrections IN THE CLASSROOM before that time.

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