Friday, May 1, 2009


Good job in the lab!  Most of you did a great job with all the tasks you needed to accomplish.

If you missed the lab for any reason, it will be available Monday and Tuesday after school.

Answers to the Dye Lab are due Tuesday.

We're going to start the DNA lab on Monday.  It takes a few days to do it all - on Monday you'll get your DNA together and flow chart all the parts.

Tuesday you'll run gels and stain the previous class' gels (it takes more than a period to run them).  Wednesday morning period 1 will stain the gels from period 6.

We'll start analyzing the gels on Wednesday.  I'm planning that we wrap up the electrophoresis series and chapter 9 on Thursday and the you take the test on Friday.  Whooosh another week.

Have a great weekend, (make good choices!), you've earned it!

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